I have always sewn lots of different projects, but patchwork has been much of my focus and passion for over 30 years.

Every part of the process of designing and making quilts gives endless opportunity to learn and develop. The design requires structural and mathematical precision as bits of fabric are joined together that often gives secondary surprises in patterns. The colour choices are simply the best part, I love different feelings that can be achieved through the hue, tint and tone that a quilt often demands.

I enjoy every part of a the process from the design, fabric choices, fast machine stitching, contemplative hand stitching, binding and sometimes the quilting. Many of my quilts have been expertly quilted by long-arm specialists.

After a long career in both education (Home Economics and Textiles teacher) and health, I have recently retired from full time work, so I now have lots more time to focus on my creative passions.