A wide variety of workshops are offered by Margaret, ranging from Traditional to Contempory quilting. Classes can be based on Technique only or Pattern based.(Design Impact Quilts)

TECHNIQUE CLASSES – mostly no specific project quilt, but a range of ideas to inspire your own quilt making to refine the product.

DESIGN IMPACT QUILTS – for those who just want to sew – all piecing

Types of Workshops and Classes

Refining the Quality

Examples of Classes

Ordered Repeating

A design class

2 day class
All skill levels

This is a design class to create your own pattern based on spirals

Day 1 - Design
Day 2 - Start Sewing


Finishing off
The Best Bits

1 day class
All skill levels

Learn how to:
Make the final step of quiltingmore interesting. Join binding invisibly.
Lots of handy hints and label ideas.

Moonbeams / Seasons

The art of perfecting circles
2 Day class

All skill levels
Machine &/or hand

Learn how to:
Create perfect circles, cut circles out with ease
Inset circles into background blocks
Appliqué perfect circles of different sizes
Machine sewing curved seams


2 day class
All skill levels

Learn how to piece the "puzzle" easily.
All machined.

Whirling Twirling

1 day class
Advanced skills
Hand or machine

Learn how to:
Piece curved seams on the spiral accurately
Select colours for impact Inset circle shapes into background Fussy cutting


[updated May 2015]

New Patterns

"Emergence" and


Just released





Full Size Template now availiable