Meet Margaret

I make quilts as I simply love working with textiles. Like an artist collects paints and brushes, I collect fabrics and threads. I create quilt designs that are essentially geometric so that I can explore patterns and illusions. My designs are strongly influenced by and relate to traditional styles, I essentially play with shape and colour to give movement to my work.
I love exploring simple repeat shapes, complex piecing and applique. I remain an enthusiastic quilter ready to explore any aspect of colour and design.

Quilting Passion

I have a never-ending passion for textiles & fabric and absolutely enjoy the role of a quilting teacher. The students in my classes are inspired from a commitment to establish what they as an individual want to learn. I currently have a number of patterns in publication that are of predominately traditional quilts. My quilts are held in collections in many states of Australia, China, and in the American states of Washington, Oregon, California and New York.